Welcome to PodPub

Hello and welcome to the beginning of this adventure that is PodPub.

This is an exciting time for us, with so many things happening and working towards creating awesome stuff to make podcast publishing easy. We can’t wait to start sharing our ideas and vision for the future with you, our partners in this journey. It’s great to have you with us as we head down this new path.

You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is PodPub?”

The short answer – PodPub is the solution to the complex problem of creating and running a great podcast. What that means is we want to make it easy for you to launch a podcast and run a website without resorting to pulling out hair and losing your mind in the process. We’ve talked with a lot of people and this hair pulling, mind-losing thing is all too common.

We want to make sure anyone can start and run a successful podcast. Everything you need is there on the internet. You just have to get all the parts and put them together. Think of it as if you were creating a stage for a performance. There are lots of materials to get and assemble. Starting at the hardware store you get the wood, screws, nails and tools to build the stage. You go to your electronics store for the audio equipment, cables, speakers and lighting. There’s even the seating for your audience, outfits to wear, instruments to play and did your local radio station want to broadcast it live? This just goes on and on. And that’s only the start because after you have all the materials you still need to build the stage, promote the show and a hundred other things you never expected. Let’s just say it’s a lot of work to do all by yourself.

This is like starting a podcast. There are too many things you need to do and learn just to connect it all together by yourself. And that’s the minimum to have a podcast that nobody even knows about. We’re fixing this problem with PodPub, making it possible to launch a podcast and website in hours instead of days or weeks. By creating tools that are easy to use, automated and integrated with the best providers, our goal is to make podcasting simple and fun.

Now you’re thinking, “I love this idea! What’s next?”

We get closer to our goal every day and the biggest reason is readers like you. Thanks to active feedback from the podcast community we are always improving this vision. If you just can’t wait, get on our early access list and we will keep you informed.

So how can PodPub help make your podcast future brighter? Use the comments below to tell us where you have the biggest pain points, the most time consuming and difficult things to do in podcasting. Let us know where it’s just way too complex and should be made easier and that’s what we’ll work on solving next.